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What is the P3 Golf Swing Analyzer?

A professional Golf Simulator & Swing Analyzer system that gives extremely accurate data of the club before, at, and after impact with the ball. The P3™ allows you to Practice, Play and Improve your golf game any time of year, without the high costs or large area requirements of other systems.

12 Point Swing Analysis

You can see the point of impact and gain additional insight into your club swing and how you impact the ball.

See Your Shot On P3ProSwing Golf Simulators


Get a digital picture of your swing through the impact zone. The nuances of fade and draw, push and pull, hook and slice are all calculated using the data captured from your swing and displayed back to you – showing the ball flight of your shot on the driving range, the course or the putting green.

P3ProSwing Golf Simulators Video Capture your Swing


Use the P3 along with a web camera in video capture mode to analyze your movements instantly. Draw lines and freeze frames; or the single frame advance and slider bar controls can be used to fast forward and rewind to a specific segment of a swing.

Fix Your Swing with a P3ProSwing Golf Swing Analyzer


the P3™ Guide to Better Golf is included with all packages and with it, you'll learn the basic properties that lead to a great swing. You'll also learn the fundamental errors that create an undesirable stroke, and how to correct them.

Technologically Advanced Analytics

The P3™ System has some of the most extensive analytics available today - you can measure or calculate:

  • Hit Distance
  • Carry Distance
  • Left/Right of Center
  • Up/Down Swing Path (Angle of Attack)
  • Swing Path Angle (left/right)
  • Club Face Angle
P3ProSwing Golf Swing Analytics
  • Toe/Heel Height
  • Swing Tempo
  • Impact Spot
  • Club head Speed
  • Video Analysis of Front and Side Body/Arm Positions
  • Launch Angle of the ball

Golf Simulation

Play on one of the premium or primary courses, hit a bucket at the driving range or putting green, challenge friends or compete live with players around the world. The high-resolution 3D graphics are detailed in every angle and show your ball in real time. Explore the variety of Golf Simulation environments and opportunities the P3 offers:

Tons of Virtual Golf Courses


Over 140 virtual golf courses and tons of game play features for up to 8 players at a time.

A Driving Range to Fix your swing


Multiple ranges and ball trails with instant response for quick repetition work.

Putting Greens to improve your indoor golf


Multiple distances and slopes and ability to chip anywhere.

Free Online Competitions


Hours of fun tournaments or friendly play from longest drive, to closest to the pin.

Free Online Golf Simulation


Set up a private or public game, or play in daily competitions or online tournaments.

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