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I had the opportunity to see a live demo of the unit and speak to the representatives from P3 about the accuracy and data provided on the P3. It was clear the P3 team is passionate about building an affordable simulator with accurate feedback.

After doing research on other simulators I decided to invest in the P3 and I built an indoor simulator.

I have been using the P3 simulator for almost 3 years to work on refining my golf during the winter months. I also use it to work on my swing on rainy days in the summer.

The immediate feedback has been crucial as I have worked my way down from a 9 handicap to a 5 handicap since owning the P3. Combined with video, I get an excellent understanding of what is happening in the swing and you can quickly see what a subtle change does to your numbers. Swing speed, angle of attack and club path are so important to understanding what is happening at impact – without a tool like this you are flying blind. Do you really know how far you carry a 7 iron? I do.

The best thing for me personally has been stepping on the course in April and not losing any ground in my game. In years past it would take me 2 months to get may scores back where they were the previous year.


I host regular weekend rounds with other players and they are equally impressed with the accuracy and feedback they received from the P3.

If you are serious about your game, then having a P3 in your home is a must!!

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