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My P3Pro simulator is with a doubt the best thing I've ever purchased...except for my wife's wedding ring! (in case she reads this!).

My P3ProSwing Review is as follows:
I investigated several simulators before settling on the P3ProSwing. I am positive I made the right decision. The newly designed grass top is extremely durable and the software is of good quality. I have 132 courses plus a driving range, so I can get in a full range session or get out and play an expensive course without leaving my house.

The software has on screen graphics that show the club face angle from top & front and provide several great statistics like club head speed, ball speed, distance to name a few. The distances and carry on the simulator are on point with my game. Online play is also available which is fun and it encourages me to try to get online to play one of the weekly tournaments that run year round.

I've had the simulator about 8-9 months and have been able to drop my handicap a few points while building consistency on the course. I look forward to many more rounds on my P3!

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