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I've played P3 thousands of hours alone and with dozens of friends since 2010. P3 is the best way to attract kids to golf and a great teaching and training environment for all ages. The age range in my P3 studio has been 2-75 years, among them my frequent companion - 8 grandchildren from 2 to 12 years old.

Today P3 is so close to the outdoor golf,that I've said many times to my buddies: "It is up to me how close that will be. There are so many parameters to set for all the clubs, possibility to adjust the friction of the ball roll on the green and outside or adjust the penalty rates when the ball lies in green, bunker, fairway bunker or in the rough, swich the sweet spot penalty on and off, etc. I can set up the simulator be as close the real game as possible, but somethimes it is enjoyable if some of the parameters are not set up to maximum, especially for beginners, kids or players who are playing for the first times."

I was playing with my wife the Madeira island's two fantastic courses in February 2016. One of them was a European Tour's annual tournament course.  We both wondered how similar the ball roll was on the greens and how similar the distances of our hits were compared to the similar virtual course fairways we have played.

The icing on the cake, P3 gives an option to play the stunning world famous courses through the Internet by creating a game group,  joining to an existing group or participating to weekly tournament.


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