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I've been using my P3proswing for 8 years now. I bought it because I wanted to improve my game on real courses. Well, it has worked out fairly well. I've gone from a 11.2 handicap 8 years ago to a 0.2 last year.

I'm not saying it will replace your PGA professional or a real driving range, but it provides many tools to help improve ones swing and I've used mine a ton.

If you've read anything about the P3proswing swing analyzer you know it provides information on swing path, face angle, angle of attack, swing speed and ball strike location on the club face. Of course, from that measured data the software provides information on what would happen to the ball.

Often not discussed is videos can be utilized to analyze one swing. One can get a video from behind and in front of a player. This is invaluable information to improve ones swing when used in combination with the club information. It's interesting to compare ones swing with those of the professional player's swing on YouTube.

It's of course best to have ball information as well. Another item not often discussed is ball launch angle. The P3proswing system includes a camera setup that can measure ball launch angle. This is great for practicing different types of shots such as punch shots and provides for more realistic play

It's also great fun playing the online challenges and tournaments as well. P3proswing has done a good job improving the software and continues to do so.

If you are considering a golf simulator/swing analyzer and are concerned with real game play and value for your money, the P3proswing system has to be included in your systems for consideration.
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