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P3ProSwing Golf Swing Analzyer Retrofit Options

Commercial Grade Grass Top

Commercial Grade Grass Top Retrofit Replace your Rubber or Turf top with a Commercial Grade Grass Top for extra durability. Made of durable nylon bristles tough enough to stand up to repeated strikes.


USB Unit Power Retrofit

USB Power Upgrade       Replace the plastic power connection on your USB Sensor Unit with a steel, screw-on for a solid connection. Note that this $49.99 upgrade comes with a new power supply (MSRP $40.00) as well




  • We do not ship covers to customers, Retrofits require the P3 Swing Analyzer/Golf Simulator Sensor Unit to be sent to P3.
  • Please note that these are upgrades and not new purchases.  Thus, your old components will not be returned to you.   


For more information, please call 1-877-737-7646.



Should you believe there is an issue with your sensor unit that requires repair, you should contact the Technical Support Department by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. No unit or product should be returned without a return authorization number.

The P3 Sensor unit is a sealed unit with a tamper proof label on it. The unit should remain sealed at all times. The circuit board within the unit is not user serviceable. The board is also RoHS Compliant (which means no leaded solder has ever been used on it). Because of this, P3 cannot repair the circuit board on any unit that has been opened due to the risk of contamination to our repair instruments. So, should you return a unit that needs circuit board repair and the unit has been opened - you will need to purchase a new circuit board.

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