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ProX Lite: Virtual Golf Simulator Package

Pro X Lite
Pro X Lite
$1,399.00 each


Same durable Swing Analyzer and excellent software as the Pro Economy Golf Simulator package, but step up to more Virtual Golf Courses and the Ball Spin License feature.  The Ball Spin License is your tool to give you accurate readings on your ball spin as you practice and play.   Get more out of your practice time, online play, and overall Virtual Golfing experience by getting even more analysis of your swing with this feature. And you can enjoy 92 Virtual Golf Courses while upping your game.


  • P3 Sensor Unit - NEW Grass Top
  • Full P3ProSwing Software Suite
    • Free Software Updates
    • Ability to add more courses
    • Ability to play offline or online
    • Full Swing Analytics
    • Ball Spin License
    • 6 Month Warranty on Circuit board
  • 92 courses in all
  • Accessory pack to include plastic tees, one step tape, foam golf balls, and one step tape applicator

Comes with everything you need to use the system with your own computer

Easily upgrades to any available package