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The Accuracy You Want, At The Price You Can Afford 

ProLaunch Cause & Effect
P3ProSwing, a leader in the Golf Simulator industry, announces, The ProLaunch.  This new and innovative golf ball launch monitor provides industry leading accuracy at less than a third the cost of its competitors.
The ProLaunch gives you accurately measured; ball spin, ball speed, launch angle, swing path and club face. Finally all the information you need to lower your handicap, from one system for only $3599.

Improving your swing to lower your score is every golfers dream. To have more fun and to become more competitive you need to know both what your club is doing and how the ball is spinning. Without both your game will be forever handicapped.

Do you slice because your swing is outside/in, your face is open or some of both. The ProLaunch  Package instantly provides you with the results you need to analyze your swing, knowledge is king.   Most launch monitors in the market only give you ball flight while leaving you guessing on why or what caused the ball to go there. The ProLaunchprovides more by capturing the cause and effect of your golf swing while displaying how that affects ball flight and movement.

The $3599 ProLaunch Package Includes - the launch monitor, swing sensing system, stance mat and 152 golf courses.  


Turn Double Digit Handicaps into Single Digits

by Seeing Cause & Effect

ProLaunch Golf Ball Launch Monitor

The addition of The ProLaunch now sets us apart from other simulators by measuring both ball and swing data and all the while keeping it affordable for the consumer.   Some indoor golf solutions measure the ball, some measure the club, P3ProSwing does both and without both you’ll never fix your game.

The P3 Golf Simulator/Swing Analyzer is used by teaching pros and club fitters as well as over 10,000 at home golfers. The ProLaunch uses patented and patent pending software and electronics to capture a mix of the ball’s “in flight” images from just after impact. The swing sensing unit captures optical measurements of the club head traveling across a special 64 sensor swing pad surface. Data is analyzed by proprietary and copyrighted software, which then graphically renders ball flight and specific swing parameters, including ball spin, ball speed, launch angle, club speed, face angle, swing path and tempo. Every club in a golfer's bag, including the putter, can be used.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with 30 Day Trial.

Key Features of The ProLaunch

The technology of the of ProLaunch expands the detail of data we capture from your golf game. The ProLaunch captures Ball Spin, launch Angle and Ball Speed to complete the most accurate data of club and ball in the Indoor golf market

Ball Spin Rate

Ball Spin Rate

Spin Rate is the amount of spin on the golf ball immediately after impact. Back spin generates lift, Side Spin makes the ball curve to one side
Launch Angle

Launch Angle

The vertical angle relative to the horizon of the golf ball's center of gravity movement immediately after leaving the club face
Ball Speed

Ball Speed

When a golf ball is hit, the impact, which lasts less than a millisecond, determines the ball’s velocity. P3 measures precise speed to determine flight