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ProLaunch Affordable Golf Simulator with Ball Launch Monitor

$1,999.00 each

pkg_ProLaunch Information


**All New ** ProLaunch Ball Monitor for existing P3ProSwing Owners. The addition of the ProLaunch personal launch monitor to your current Golf Simulator package has everything you need for your toolkit for success at improving your golf game. The ProLaunch golf launch monitor provides you with full ball data - back spin, side spin, ball speed, spin axis and launch angle while integrating with the P3 Swing Sensor.  The P3ProSwing personal launch monitor's superb software, a cutting edge design of the ProLaunch and a six month warranty on your circuit board, this setup is truly an instrument to improve your golf game.  Additions to your Indoor Golf Simulator are always available, so get set up and start swinging as soon as you can. If you're looking for a fully-featured golf simulation package, check out our home golf launch monitor package.


  • ProLaunch Ball Monitor
  • Platform for ProLaunch (with velcro kit to attach platform to stance mat)
  • Full P3ProSwing Software Suite
    • Free Software Updates
    • Ability to add more courses
    • Full Swing Analytics
    • Camera Integration on driving range and course play
  • Accessory pack for ProLaunch to include marked golf balls, Trigger Cable, Power Supply & USB Cable.
  • 180 Day Warranty on Circuit Board

P3 Swing Sensor Pad is needed with feature  this is the Launch Monitor ONLY 

For International Customers we strongly recommend the purchase of our International Plug Kit