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Golf Simulator Packages

Golf Simulators

What is a P3ProSwing Golf Simulator / Golf Swing Analyzer?

  The P3ProSwing uses patented technology to allow Golf Facilities, Teaching Pros, Businesses and Home Golfers around the world to play golf on a professional Simulator & Swing Analyzer system that gives extremely accurate data of the club before, at and after impact with the ball.  Our technology and system design has allowed us to break the high costs and large area requirements of other systems on the market.

What P3ProSwing Indoor Golf Simulators Do?

P3 golf simulators allow you to Practice, Play and Perform to improve your golf game any time of year. You can play on a wide variety of championship virtual golf courses, hit a bottomless bucket of balls on the driving range, practice your putting  and improve your game with a professional golf swing analysis after every shot! Get the true golf experience with a P3ProSwing indoor golf simulator package. Enjoy Indoor Golf year round!

How the P3ProSwing Works?

It all starts with a durable sensor pad that features 65 infrared sensors which reflect light off of your clubs and back into the sensor. This provides you with detailed information about your golf swing like club face, angle of attack, swing speed and tempo. Just connect the golf simulator package to your computer, allow enough room to swing a club and you can be up and playing in minutes!

$999.00$849.15 each Pro Economy Package: Affordable Golf Simulator
3.2 5 25 Product
$1,399.00$1,189.15 each ProX Lite: Virtual Golf Simulator Package
4.42857 5 7 Product
$1,899.00$1,614.15 each ProX Plus Package: Virtual Golfing Package
5 5 2 Product
$3,599.00$3,059.15 each ProX Studio Package | Home Entertainment Center
5 5 2 Product
$7,499.00$6,374.15 each Champions Studio: Home Golf Simulator Package
4.25 5 4 Product
$14,999.00$12,749.15 each Masters Studio: Complete Virtual Golf Experience
5 5 2 Product
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