P3ProSwing Club Tape Pros & Cons What Every Golfer Needs to Know; Most Accurate Swing Analyzer; P3ProSwing
The P3ProSwing system is unique in the Golf Simulator market in that it requires users to apply golf club tape on their clubs.  Other systems don't require this because P3ProSwing holds the patent, and there is a simple explanation why this makes our Golf Swing Analyzer  to provide the most accurate golf swing data.

The Golf Swing Analyzer has 65 infrared optics on the surface which read information from every club swing, no matter what club you use or at what speed you swing at.  Much quicker than you can blink, the infrared optics turn on and the detectors will detect a reflection from the club/club tape as soon as it passes over each row of optics.  When they see the club (before, at, and after impacting the ball), they compute all of the data and pass it to the software to display all of your club information to you on your impact screen, TV, or monitor.  Since the detectors are relying on a reflection, it only makes sense to give them one good one.  This is where the tape comes into play.  The specially designed patented P3ProSwing taping system involves cutting out extraneous reflections with non-reflective black tape while also providing the perfect reflective strip for the Golf Swing Analyzer to see.  The placement of this tape is crucial because if it’s placed improperly on the club, the Golf Swing Analyzer won’t compute the precise location/direction/angle of the club head.

The downside of having to utilize the tape on your clubs is that you have to tape your clubs.  You should always tape your drivers.  Irons do not always require tape to be accurate, but it can certainly improve the accuracy if you do decide to tape them as well.

The upside is that you get extremely clean, accurate readings.  The patented taping method on a P3ProSwing system allows it to be 99.9% accurate when done properly.  The Golf Swing Analyzer measures your Club Path from inside-out to square to outside-in within 1 degree of accuracy, and your Club Face Angle to within 1/10th of 1 degree.

It is also worth noting that not every golf club in your bag has to be taped.  You can use one taped club to replicate others.  For instance, you can tape a 4 iron and use it every time you use a 3, 4, or 5 iron in the game.  The club head speed will be extremely close and the Swing Analyzer will not know the difference.  You simply tell the software which club you want and it will use that club's characteristics.

While it may seem unnecessary at first to tape your clubs, golf club face tape is worth it in the long run.  This is what makes the P3ProSwing the most accurate Golf Swing Analyzer on the market.

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