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What I've learned from my son

"The ties that bond a family together are some of the strongest in human nature.  This is especially true of the bond between Father & Son.  The members of a family, by blood, relation, or just idealistic alignment are intrinsically tied to one another - whether or not we enjoy it every moment.  There's an old saying that you can choose your friends, but not your family.  This could not be more true.  Furthermore, you can choose what lessons to teach, but not what to learn." Although there are things I've learned from my son as well.  Case in point: I tell my son to work hard in school because it's so important - he tells me constant updates on how much progress he's making in gym class (oh and those other rooms he visits during the school day).

As I get older, I've learned that the lessons which are important to me and have driven me to succeed in life aren't always what resonates with my children.  My son, in particular, picks and chooses what's important to him.  I'm constantly attempting to pass on what I think is important, but it doesn't always click.  Maybe it will click later in life.  Maybe he'll learn a different way.  Maybe he's just more concerned with the upcoming dodgeball game in gym class next week and not listening at all.  It's almost impossible to tell.  And to presume that I know what should be passed on is probably ridiculous on its own as well.

In a previous blog article that I wrote for P3ProSwing, I talked about the lessons my father taught me.  Sure, this is what's important to me as the bond between father & son is a tremendous one.  But was it even close to what my dad was trying to tell me when I was on the receiving end?  Maybe.  What I do know is that experiences tie a family together.  What I can't tell my son, I can show him.  I can be the example (or at least try) to show him how to be a considerate, productive member of society.  And I can have fun with him while doing it.  Whether it's spending time on the golf course and providing golf lessons, in our friend's golf simulator room, or even just talking golf, he relates and perks right up because it's something that we share.  When I'm old and in the nursing home, I don't want to scratch for things to talk about because I'm the aging dinosaur in the room- I want us to have the type of relationship where we can sit in silence and be comfortable.

The lessons that we try to pass on aren't always taken, but hey it's worth a shot.  Be the example and spend time with your family - it's worth it."

-Guest blog submission on May 31, 2017.  To blog as a guest for P3ProSwing or purchase a golf simulator as a Father's Day gift, please contact via the website at or call 1-207-824-7403.

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