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Golf is business; make it yours.

Not many sports transfer so directly to the board rooms of businesses as golf.  Golf has a unique set of attributes which set it apart and make it a sport to pass time, build relationships, and strengthen ties - it's a conversation starter.  Golf levels the playing fields of friendly strife.

In drastic comparison to other sports, golf doesn't require a person to be overly athletic - not in the sense of athleticism, but in the sense that you don't necessarily have to be sweaty, beet red, and out of breath in order to say you're really doing it.  Golf is a gentleman's sport (and not necessarily one played only by men).  It's been adopted by our military services (particularly the Air Force) as a gentleman's sport and an officer's sport which levels the conversation field between ranks, ages, genders, and ideas.  It's a sport that allows you to open up, relax a bit; it's something that you can enjoy as much with a co-worker as you can with your ten year old.  It's universal.  It's well loved and well appreciated.

Golf's strength is its ability to appeal (and be accessible to) everyone.  This is what makes golf a unique sport compared to others that have similar 'lifelong' aspects.  Much like other lifelong sports, golf is something that you can share with your family, but unlike many other lifelong sports that involve complicated equipment or venues it can also be shared with your coworkers.  Golf stands out as a sport that can bring many ability levels together.  This is where golf and business have a unique relationship - it's just enough of a conversation starter to get people out on the green.

In this day and age, golf is certainly something that can be a conversation starter and leveler of the playing field.  Get out there, be a kid again, and enjoy some golf.  You don't have to be perfect, you just have to enjoy it.  It could be a great segue into the ultimate office perk - membership at the local golf club or even an in-office golf simulator room.  Whatever it takes to bring golf into your business it is definitely worth it.  Figure out your golf options: check out P3ProSwing golf simulators

P3ProSwing has been very avid with the military services.  Some military services will use the P3ProSwing on their base facilities and overseas.   With the servicemen getting accustomed to the P3 system, many will also take advantage of our 10% military discount and purchase their own P3ProSwing for their homes as well.  P3ProSwing has always appreciated the hard work of our military services and has hired veterans and active members of the military as well.

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