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Golf is a lifelong sport and one of my favorite ways to spend time with my dad.
"While there are a number of reasons I spend time with my dad, besides Father's Day, there are a few that have carried through life from adolescence to adulthood.

 I used to sit on a work bench in his shop when I was a teenager, not saying a word, listening to Bad Company rocking on the shop radio (that is until the tape mysteriously got worn out).  He'd spend time with me regardless of my moods or motives for being there - whether I was avoiding homework or just bored.  He would listen to my silence and understand what I was (not) saying.

A father holds a special place in each person's life because there's a bond that can't be swayed or broken; and it doesn't have to be said.  Except on Father's Day, when of course we all flock to the local hardware stores and gift shops trying to find something that's both useful and unique, something that hasn't been done before, something that he would actually want.  This year I'm going a different direction.

Now that I'm older, I don't get to sit with my dad in silence very often.  Even though this is usually because when we do get time together we're blessed to have a big family surrounding us, it makes me miss those days when we were unspoken best friends - now I feel pressured to tell him how much he means to me all the time because we aren't able to enjoy silence together.  Frankly, it's rare to find a minute in silence in my household these days regardless of if anyone is around.  I think the best gift to him this year is the ability to spend time relaxing with the people he loves.  

I plan to buy him a golf simulator.  While it sounds just as crazy as when my parents earned an empty nest and bought toys including a pontoon boat, ATVs, kayaks...and built a barn the size of a normal house to hold them's not crazy.  It's something that will give him the opportunity to spend time with his kids (hopefully I'm included), his grandkids, or just himself.  It's not something that's a toy to entertain the entire extended family with (although I guess it could be).  It's going to be a place to sit in silence and say everything needed."

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