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P3ProSwing sponsoring Golf Expos by donating P3ProSwing prizes

Sports Vision Technologies, the manufacturer of the P3ProSwing Golf Simulator and Golf Swing Analyzer, is partnering with Tenco Events and donating ProX Plus Golf Simulator packages to Grand Prize winners at the Tinley Park Golf Expo in Tinley Park, IL, and the Northern Illinois Golf Expo in Grayslake, IL.  The P3ProSwing prizes are exactly as seen on the website.  Visit the Golf Expos to receive free one-on-one golf instruction, compete in daily contests, and get in on the golfing community buzz for 2017.

The 6th annual Tinley Park Golf Expo is set to take place from February 10-12, 2017 at the Tinley Park Convention Center in Tinley, IL.  It is open to the public and has free parking and accommodations nearby.  The Tinley Park Golf Expo provides the golf community in the Midwest with an exciting winter golf show year after year, and is thrilled to offer a P3ProSwing ProX Plus Golf Simulator package as the Grand Prize. P3ProSwing is proud to Sponsor this Expo and be a partner to this great golfing community.

Likewise, the first-ever Northern Illinois Golf Expo will be held at the Lake County Fairgrounds & Event Center in Grayslake, IL from January 13-15, 2017. P3ProSwing is honored to sponsor this brand-new Golf Expo and to provide even more for the golfing community in the Northern Illinois region.  This Expo is also open to the public with multiple competitions and free one-on-one lessons available.  Visit the Expo and enter to win a P3ProSwing ProX Plus Golf Simulator package as the Grand Prize. 

For more info or for tickets to either the Tinley Park or Northern Illinois Golf Expos, visit:  

The P3ProSwing ProX Plus Golf Simulator package comes with everything golfers need to improve their game at home, year round. P3ProSwing’s patented club taping system allows you to get data which is 99.9% accurate.  When it comes to improving your swing, this is invaluable information for you, the golfer behind the golf club.  P3ProSwing’s Golf Swing Analyzers track your golf club, not the ball, so you know exactly what your club is doing and how to adjust to improve your swing, every time.  You will be able to see data like your club head speed, club head face angle, club path, toe and heel height, and much more.  Get to the root of improving your game by improving your swing year round in your own Indoor Golf Simulator studio.  For more info on the ProX Plus or P3ProSwing patented technology, visit                         

P3ProSwing is proud to be partnering with both the Tinley Park & Northern Illinois golf expos.   We hope that all that attend have a fabulous time.      
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