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P3ProSwing golf simulators allow you to spend time bonding with your family.

"When I was growing up, my father taught me two extremely important things about life.  They’ve driven me to succeed athletically, academically, and later professionally.  They’re also instrumental in forming the person that I am today.  He told me, “work hard, and be honest.”  These two things have driven me like no other experience or education – and there’ve been quite a few of those.

While these might seem like common sense, it’s also been said that common sense is not always common (and we’ve all seen that play out).  Through the ups and the downs of school (high school, college, grad school), careers (he never said how hard starting a second one was), and finding a person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with: these words have been a guide and a template for me.  I hope that I can pass them on to my own children with as much emphasis as he did to me.

Growing up, sports were never my strong suit.  I didn’t play well on teams, and didn’t necessarily want to.  I was my own person – cue Thoreau and “beat of my own drum.”  He taught me that to be really and truly successful and to love myself that I needed to know myself and always be true to who I am.  Sports, including playing golf, were a venue that we were able to communicate with and something that I’ve carried with me through life.  Be it skiing, golf, running, or competitive team sports…his words always applied. 

What brings me closer to my dad is having the ability to understand him and know him like I know myself.  This family bond was incredibly strengthened by the opportunities we had to play sports together (including playing golf) when I was growing up.  Now, I don’t get to have his company as much on the fields of friendly strife because he’s older, I’m older, we’re busy, our time is limited, I have a young family, and so forth.  But we can still share a glance across the room full of family and friends and know exactly what the other one is trying to say.  My advice: find a way to bond and you’ll find those words or ideals that will drive you through life.  And don’t forget Father’s Day."

Remember that playing golf, whether indoors our outdoors can be a great way to build that family bond.

-Guest blog submission on May 29, 2017.  To blog as a guest for P3ProSwing, please contact via the website at

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