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P3ProSwing has the Most Accurate and Affordable Golf Swing Analyzers

If you are looking at the Golf Simulator market for the first time, you will see vast differences in prices and capabilities. You may wonder, what is the cost of an indoor golf simulator?  The P3ProSwing sets itself apart because it is not only the most accurate Golf Swing Analyzer, but it also comes at the most affordable price point for quality.  All of P3ProSwing’s products are made with high quality, durable materials that are made to stand up to the test of time and repeated use (read: strikes with a golf club).  For example, where some Golf Simulators may have plastic, the P3ProSwing Golf Swing Analyzer has steel plates.

Golf Simulators fall into two different categories: Ball Launch Monitors and Club Swing Analyzers.  The P3ProSwing is the latter, and is the best one available for what it does.  It won’t break the bank – comparatively, P3ProSwing technology is incredibly affordable. 

So what is the cost of an indoor golf simulator? Golf Simulator packages run from $999 for the Pro Economy package; everything you need to get started in the Golf Simulator world is here in this package, and it can always be added on to as you choose, when the time is right for you.  Packages continue to include more add on items to complete your ideal Golf Simulator Studio from the ProX Lite at $1,199 which comes with the added Ball Spin feature (to display your ball spin with each swing), the ProX Plus at $1,699 (including one of P3ProSwing’s high quality, EVA foam stance mats), the ProX Studio Kit at $3,599 which takes it up a level with the hanging impact screen (tested to 250 mph ball speed), the Champions Studio at $7,499 for those short on space who still want the complete set up, to the ultimate Masters Studio at $14,999.  For details on what each packages includes, visit the P3ProSwing Golf Simulator Package Comparison Page.

All P3ProSwing Golf Simulator packages come with a steel based Golf Swing Analyzer unit with a commercial grade Grass Top, free software upgrades, and at least a 6 month warranty on the circuit board.  Depending on your budget and space requirements, there is a range of options to choose from, but you always have the ability to upgrade or add to your Golf Simulator Studio.


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