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So Mother's day is today, and for those of you that haven't thought about what to do for this holiday (let alone the next one) you should know that you're not alone.  

The springtime holidays that sneak up on us between baseball and softball games, golf tourneys, yard cleanup, roadside cleanups, and everything in Timbuktu cleanup days are often overlooked and underwhelming thanks to our busy schedules.

This year, you should start thinking about Father's Day before it gets past the point of no return (a.k.a., buying a gift card in the local grocery store right before family dinner at the annual location).  Is your dad a golfer?  Maybe he needs new clubs, new shoes, new clothes.  Everyone loves new clothes when they tie into what they love to do.  Maybe he wants the ability to do what he loves (golf) inside, in his own studio, 24/7 regardless of the weather or anyone else's schedules (even the grandkids', sorry).  Maybe he wants the ability to spend time with his family and friends playing golf.

If you think ahead, you have the means to give Dad just what he wants this Father's Day.  Not another tool that the national conglomerate of a hardware store says you need, not something that Mom has been wanting to do to the house for 'the longest time,' not even a day when he ends up watching your kids for its entirety - an actual gift that he'll put to good use year round: a golf simulator.  Why not?  He's got the space; whether it's in the garage, basement, or mancave, there's a spot where a golf simulator will fit right in.

So go ahead, treat your dad with the ultimate Father's Day Gift: a P3ProSwing Golf Simulator.  Think about it before it's too late to act on this year's gift and plan - he would want you to.
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