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P3ProSwing is the most accurate Golf Swing Analyzer on the market - read why you need a Golf Swing Analyzer instead of a Ball Launch Monitor to improve your golf swing.

Ever wonder what the difference is between a Golf Swing Analyzer and a Ball Launch Monitor?  We’re here to help. P3ProSwing's golf ball flight analyzer is unique in that it tracks your golf club, instead of tracking what the ball is doing after it is impacted.  Ball Launch Monitors read exactly what the golf ball does after it is impacted by your golf club – you could be Arnold Palmer or Happy Gilmore behind the club, but the ball is what the system focuses on.  A Golf Swing Analyzer system, like a P3ProSwing Golf Simulator package, tracks precise data about your golf club before, at, and after impact with the golf ball to give you the data you need to see your entire golf swing

Without understanding what your golf club is doing to drive the golf ball, it’s near impossible to figure out what part of your swing needs your attention the most.  If your focus is on improving your game, you need a Golf Swing Analyzer – not a Ball Launch Monitor.  With a Golf Swing Analyzer, you’re getting every angle and piece of data with every swing so that you can see your consistent data and the pieces that you need to improve on.  You will have the chance to view your swing tempo, club head speed, club head face angle, and much more in real-time on your impact screen, TV, or monitor with a P3ProSwing Golf Simulator package.

P3ProSwing Golf Swing Analyzers are the most accurate and affordable at home Golf Simulator packages on the market.  Whether you use your Golf Simulator at home, commercially, at school, or anywhere else - and club data is important to you - the P3ProSwing Golf Swing Analyzer is what you need.  The patented Taping Technology allows it to get a precise read on the golf club head’s location, speed, and angles – allowing you to see everything about your golf swing in the blink of an eye.  With this, you can interpret the data and the projected (calculated) golf ball flight on your screen to understand why you sliced the golf ball.

You have to know your golf swing inside and out in order to understand how you can improve it and get that handicap lowered.  Ball Launch Monitors only guess at what the club is doing, therefore they’re only guessing at how to correct your swing.  Get the real deal and improve your swing today with P3ProSwing’s patented Golf Swing Analyzer accuracy.


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