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P3ProSwing's Golf Swing Analyzer's patented technology and unbeatable accuracy is the #1 way to improve your golf game.

A Digital Golf Swing Analyzer is designed to track exactly what your golf club is doing throughout your entire swing.  But how does it do it, and how can it improve your game and lower your handicap?

In simple terms, a Golf Swing Analyzer (specifically the P3ProSwing) is designed to read precisely where your golf club head is, what angle it’s at, and how fast it is moving.  This information is gained by 65 infrared optics placed in the Golf Swing Analyzer’s top so that they read data before, at, and after impact with the ball.  These optics are incredibly fast and are able to capture the information that they need in the blink of an eye.  The digital golf swing analyzer's data is then passed to the P3 ProGolf software, which in turn calculates it into terms that you recognize: club head speed, club head face angle, etc.  All of your swing analysis data is then displayed to you, the user, so that you can see exactly what your swing looked like in a simple format.

This digital golf swing analyzer data is important because when you consider how many different pieces of data comprise your golf swing there can be a lot of variation.  If you swing inside-out, but your club head face is open, you can send the ball straight down the fairway.  If your swing and your club head face are perfectly square, you can obtain the same ball flight – but without analyzing your swing you would never know how you achieved it.  And with the P3ProSwing’s patented club taping technology, your data is 99.9% accurate so you can rest assured you’re getting the real swing analysis picture.

Ball flight is secondary to your swing when it comes to improving your game.  To put it bluntly, you swing the golf club, the golf club hits the ball, the golf ball flies.  You need to concentrate on the piece that you can immediately control in order to effect change.  So for the golfer to improve, it doesn’t make much sense to track the ball.  What you need is a Golf Swing Analyzer so that you can see all of the pieces of your unique swing and figure out where you can improve your game and lower your handicap.  Once you see what you are doing, you’re able to interpret your golf swing better and improve your overall playing ability.

So if your goal this year is to lower your handicap and enjoy yourself while doing it, a digital Golf Swing Analyzer is the right fit for you.  Get the most accurate data on the piece of the golf game that you can control – your swing – and brace yourself for some serious improvement.  Remember that it is easier to fix your golf swing if you know what your club is doing.   As you fix your golf swing, that will lower your handicap. 

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