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P3ProSwing's recommended 5 things to consider before buying a Golf Simulator
A Golf Simulator, whether it’s a Ball Launch Monitor or a Golf Swing Analyzer, can be a big decision.  While they come in many forms, most virtual golf ranges cost more than what the average person spends on sports training aids.  It’s important to consider all of the variables before making a purchase that you’re going to spend a significant amount of money on and are going to have for quite a few years. 

1)  Goals. 

What are you looking to achieve with your new Golf Simulator?  Are you looking for a virtual golf range that will entertain you, your family and friends, but not that concerned about the accuracy of the product?  Or perhaps you are looking for something that will aid you in improving your golf game while you can’t get out on the green in the off season.  Figuring out what you want to achieve is the first step in deciding which type of Golf Simulator would be right for you.  If you are after accuracy, the P3ProSwing is the best bargain for the most accurate Golf Swing Analyzer (club tracking) technology.

2)  Space.

Regardless of what type of Golf Simulator you think will fit your lifestyle and goals the best, you will need enough room to swing a golf club in your space.  Typically, a virtual golf range requires a ceiling of 9’6” – but if you are a taller individual, you may need a little more space to get a full swing in.  It’s so important to have enough space so that you can swing naturally – otherwise your Ball Launch Monitor or Golf Swing Analyzer will be reading your swing in an abnormal way and give you abnormal data.  Over time, swinging unnaturally can also start to affect your swing.  Make sure you have enough space to install the virtual golf range you need to achieve your goals.

3)  Price.

Golf Simulators come in all shapes and sizes, have different space requirements, and serve different needs.  They are made from various materials which can drive their price point up or down depending on what the manufacturer decides is a good product – there are a myriad of virtual golf range manufacturers with varying levels of quality.  Ultimately, price varies greatly, but you can alleviate some of the pressure by thinking about your goals and how you are going to use the product.  What may not be worth anything to one golfer, is the silver bullet to success for another.

4)  Use.

Depending on how you plan on using your Golf Simulator, you will want to consider how durable it is and how it will stand up to your use.  If you are going to be using your Golf Simulator at home, you may only spend a couple of hours on the weekend using it – in this case, your biggest concern will just be keeping your studio clean and organized for when you want to play on your virtual golf range.  In other cases, you may be considering commercial use or using the Golf Simulator for your Golf Team.  For something like this, it’s best to go with what you know is the most durable virtual golf range you can find and back it up with a solid warranty.  It will be worth it.

5)  Technology.

Technology is a fast paced environment ripe with change and upgrades.  Just like your cell phone, most Golf Simulators will require updates to the software and technology as time goes on.  This shouldn’t deter you any more than any other piece of technology; it simply is par for the course.  Some companies offer free software upgrades and technical support to ease this burden and offer deals on essentially new products (as upgrades) for their existing customer base.  It’s useful to look into these options before you purchase your Golf Simulator so that you know what will be coming in future years. 

All in all, Golf Simulators can be the ultimate way to improve your game and enjoy time with you family and friends while doing it.  Who doesn’t want their own Golf Simulator studio in the comfort of their own home?  It is helpful to think through the details before purchasing a virtual golf range though, so that you know you will be getting the best product for what your goals are.


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