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The Golf Business

Golf is business; make it yours.

Not many sports transfer so directly to the board rooms of businesses as golf.  Golf has a unique set of attributes which set it apart and make it a sport to pass time, build relationships, and strengthen ties - it's a conversation starter.  Golf levels the playing fields of friendly strife.

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P3Proswing's Memorial Day Sale runs thru Tuesday May 30th

 P3Proswing's Memorial Day Sale runs thru Tuesday May 30th
$100 off the ProX Lite Package - This Package offers the same durable Swing Analyzer and intuitive software as the Pro Economy Golf Simulator package, but step up to more Virtual Golf Courses and the Ball Spin License feature.  The Ball Spin License is your tool to give you accurate readings on your ball spin as you practice and play.  Get more out of your practice time, online play, and overall Virtual Golf experience by getting even more analysis of your swing with this feature.  And you can enjoy 92 Virtual Golf Courses while upping your game.
Level VIII - Course Package for only $50 - The level VIII pack has perfected 3D replicas of 13 golf courses from around the globe.  Golf Courses featured are PGA NATIONAL RESORT & SPA, Liberty National CC, Spirit Hollow Golf Course and more.
Call 1-877-737-7646 or order online today!  

The Golfer's Mancave

The mancave.  The safe haven for a man to ignore the hustle and bustle of the rest of the household, the craziness of the day, or the complexity of the office - it's a place of beer, sports, peace, and frankly: tranquility.  

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Mind over Matter; Golf Simulation

Simulation is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to learning a new skill or repeating an old skill to force muscle memory.  Any good athlete will tell you that their muscle memory is one of the most powerful tools in their arsenal – and the reason it’s there is because they’ve made the same movement, correctly, so many times.  In sports, consistency is key.

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