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Improving Your Golf Starts By Tracking The Club Not The Ball

You can't improve your golf swing by just by tracking the ball, it all starts with the golf club.

In order to know how to improve your golf game, you need to know your swing.  And you need a tool to improve your golf game.  A Golf Simulator with a golf swing analyzer tool can be the perfect golf training aid to allow you to play in your own environment to improve your game.   The P3ProSwing provides the data you'll need to learn the basic properties that lead to a great swing by providing a digital rendering of your swing through the impact zone allowing you to see the faults or successes in your golf swing. The display of a fade or draw, push or pull, hook or slice are all calculated using the data captured from your golf swing and displayed back to you – showing the ball flight of your shot on the driving range, the virtual golf course or the putting green. You'll also learn the fundamental errors that create an undesirable stroke, and how to correct them. The P3ProSwing System has some of the most extensive analytics available today - you can measure the golf club before, at and after impact with the ball: Hit Distance, Carry Distance,  Left/Right of Center, Up/Down Swing Path (Angle of Attack), Swing Path Angle (left/right), Club Face Angle, Toe/Heel Height, Swing Tempo, Impact Spot,  Club head Speed to name a few Key data points.


Reasons I Spend Time with My Dad

Golf is a lifelong sport and one of my favorite ways to spend time with my dad.

"While there are a number of reasons I spend time with my dad, there are a few that have carried through life from adolescence to adulthood.  I used to sit on a work bench in his shop when I was a teenager, not saying a word, listening to Bad Company rocking on the shop radio (that is until the tape mysteriously got worn out).  He'd spend time with me regardless of my moods or motives for being there - whether I was avoiding homework or just bored.  He would listen to my silence and understand what I was (not) saying.

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Lessons my Father Taught me

P3ProSwing golf simulators allow you to spend time bonding with your family.

"When I was growing up, my father taught me two extremely important things about life.  They’ve driven me to succeed athletically, academically, and later professionally.  They’re also instrumental in forming the person that I am today.  He told me, “work hard, and be honest.”  These two things have driven me like no other experience or education – and there’ve been quite a few of those.

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What I've Learned from my Son

Golf is one of the best ways to spend time together as a family and pass on life lessons learned.

"The ties that bond a family together are some of the strongest in human nature.  The members of a family, by blood, relation, or just idealistic alignment are intrinsically tied to one another - whether or not we enjoy it every moment.  There's an old saying that you can choose your friends, but not your family.  This could not be more true.  Furthermore, you can choose what lessons to teach, but not what to learn.  Case in point: I tell my son to work hard in school because it's so important - he tells me constant updates on how much progress he's making in gym class (oh and those other rooms he visits during the school day).

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The Golf Business

Golf is business; make it yours.

Not many sports transfer so directly to the board rooms of businesses as golf.  Golf has a unique set of attributes which set it apart and make it a sport to pass time, build relationships, and strengthen ties - it's a conversation starter.  Golf levels the playing fields of friendly strife.

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