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P3ProSwing provides a multitude of golf articles, sales promotions and different information available to our customers. This blog will house all those important articles. Articles will range from golf instruction, to use of your P3ProSwing to various other golf topics.

Labor Day Sale - Limited Time Offer

Just in time for the Labor Day holiday, P3ProSwing is offering a few great deals on two of the hottest packages of the summer. If you are looking to add a P3ProSwing to your home or update your current space, take advantage of $100 off Pro Economy Package now $899.00 the lowest price of the year and  20 % ($400) discount on a ProLaunch, our recently-introduced innovative system featuring all-new technology – delivering precisely-measured data on ball spin and speed, launch angle, swing path and club face angle.

The P3ProSwing ProLaunch Ball Monitor to add with any P3 Sensor system also givibng you All 152 courses. The indoor set-up is easy and can be permanent or mobile, providing flexible use in a golf studio or anywhere in your home. Players can learn from detailed swing analysis, and every session on the driving range software can be saved and shared for exceptional outcomes. In addition, 152 golf courses are included for virtual practice and play.Check out all the details here
Finally, P3ProSwing is offering a Stance Mat Blow-Out. The three-piece mat system is listed at a great price to help you create a new indoor golf design for your home or business. The three-piece mat system consists of these three size mats, all 2" tall, to sit flush to your P3ProSwing Grass or Turf Top System:
Here are the mat sizes
(1) 48" X 60"'
(2) 48" X 20" with cut out
(3) 12" X 60" . 
The retail price is $650, representing a huge savings of $325.   
The P3ProSwing sale runs from now through September 9, 2018. 
Join the celebration.
Call 1-877-737-7646 or Order Online today!


Avoid Golf Injuries with a Quality Golf Mat | P3ProSwing

Avoid golf injuries that can put you on the couch or in rehab for months by purchasing a quality golf mat.   P3ProSwing provides a number of options.

A golf mat seems like a simply purchase.   You buy the cheapest mat you can find that will hold together and you start hitting balls.  Sounds simply right?   Well, have you ever worked somewhere or seen employees standing on anti-fatigue mats?   There is a reason for that.   Standing on a hard surface can wreak havoc on your knees and hips.   The same is true about your golf swing.    

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