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P3 Live - Virtual Golf

If you haven't been keeping up, P3ProSwing holds 2 Indoor Golf Simulator tournaments each week.   One is a single round and the other is usually 2 rounds.  You can enter and play in these tournaments using your P3ProSwing golf simulator by signing up for an account at our website.   Simply click the 'My Account' link at the top of the page and follow instructions to create a P3ProSwing user account.   This is the same account for making purchases, posting to our forum and playing online.   Once you click 'Play Online' in the software, you will be prompted to enter your credentials.   Once you do so, you enter the world of virtual golf on the best infrared golf swing analyzer on the market.

This week's tournaments:
  • 2016 End of Season Tournament: 1 round tournament (18 holes) on Kingsbarns
  • 2016 European (emulates the European Tour location): 2 rounds (18 holes) at Fife Old Golf Links

NOTE: Some course names are changed from reality.   Check out the P3ProSwing Software Courses page to find all the details about each course and course pack.  We keep most (not all) of the tournaments to our Basic Course Pack (free to download) and Level II Course Pack (which comes with our entry level Pro Economy Package)

Each tournament runs from Monday morning until midnight on Sunday Night EST.   Games are saved as you progress, so you can come back and finish them at any time (during the tournament window) at your convenience.   We use a basic handicap scoring system to try to level the playing field as much as possible.

P3ProSwing also holds Daily Competitions:

  • Nearest to the Pin (10 shots per user)
  • Longest Drive (10 shots per user.  Shots must land on the correct fairway)
  • Par 3 9 Hole Challenge

The courses and holes are selected at random from ALL the available Course Packs that P3ProSwing offers for Virtual Golf.

Come join the fun.....

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  • LD
  • Par 3

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