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Masters Studio: Complete Virtual Golf Experience

P3ProSwing Indoor Golf Masters Studio
P3ProSwing Indoor Golf Masters StudioP3ProSwing Masters Studio Golf Simulator in useP3 ProGolf Golf Swing Analyzer Software ScreenshotProGolf Golf Swing Analyzer results defined
$14,999.00 each

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Ambi MatInformation
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pkgWeb_Cameras (for Video Capture)Information
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Sensor Unit with 132 CoursesInformation
Sensor Unit with 92 CoursesInformation

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All the bells and whistles.  Your complete setup for an at home Indoor Golf Simulator Package, unrivaled perk for the office, or to give your commercial clientele something unique to appreciate.  The Masters Studio Package comes with all P3ProSwing has to offer, from our high density EVA Foam Stance Mats, to 132 Virtual Golf Courses, to a fully configured computer with a touch screen, and still the most accurate Swing Analyzer you can find - all for an affordable price.

This Virtual Golf Experience Includes:
  • 2 - P3 Swing Analyzer/Indoor Golf Simulator Sensor Units - Grass Top
  • Full P3ProSwing Software Suite
    • Free Software Updates
    • Ability to add more courses
    • Ability to play offline or online
    • Full Swing Analytics 
    • License for calculated Ball Spin Data
    • 2 Year Warranty on Circuit Board
  • 5' x 4' Stance Mat - with Sensor Drop-ins
  • Stance Mat Extension - 4' x 20"
  • 2 Putting Strips
  • Accessory pack to include plastic tees, one step tape, foam golf balls, and one step tape applicator
  • Large Hitting Center - 10'2"(h) x 12'4"(w) x 18'(d)"
    • Frame Mount Impact Screen
    • Steel Frame
    • Black Fabric Frame Cover
  • Projector
  • Pre-configured Computer
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • 2 Video Capture Cameras
  • 132 courses in all:
  • Level 1 Course Pack (4 courses)
    • Level II Course Pack (16 Courses)
    • Level III Course Pack(16 Courses)
    • Studio 1 Course Pack (33 Courses)
    • Studio 2 Course Pack (23 Courses)
    • Level V Course Pack (20 courses)
    • Level VI Course Pack (20 Courses)



P3 has taken great care to simulate the experience of playing some of the most well-known courses in the world of golf, we note that the owners of these courses have not been asked to endorse nor are they affiliated with these simulations.