Frequently Asked Questions

Why P3 Patented taping system?
It takes a wonderful and accurate experience with 65 optical sensors and increases the accuracy even further. Plus it allows you to use any driver you would like.
Why is taping more accurate?
Taping the clubs with club specific tape provides a consistent, accurate surface to take readings from while the club passes over the sensor. Without the tape, the Impact readings shown on the screen can be taken up to 2 inches away from ball contact, which can cause significant disparity in the readings.
Is it realistic?
Yes. Like golf, it’s hard to master. There is a bit of a learning curve in the beginning getting used to hitting indoors. Within a week or so, our customers realize that reality indoors matches their outdoor experiences shot-for-shot including putting!
What do I need to run P3 Live?
A P3 Simulator, and a net or impact screen to hit real balls. You can play with foam balls, or even no balls at all! We suggest real balls though for instant impact feedback to carry your improvements to the course. Don't forget an Internet connection if you want to play online, and of course, your golf clubs.
Why are optic sensors important in a simulation?
It is the baseline for shot and club data. More sensors equal more accuracy. 65 optical sensors are the highest of all home simulators on the market.
Where are you made?
We are made, mostly by hand right here in the USA.
How are the graphics?
Accuracy has been the focus of our company. Our customers say that they prefer accuracy to really cool cartoons. For that reason, our focus has been on the experience first. Generally speaking, our graphics are still better than our competition and will continue to improve.
Are there any extra costs to using my P3?
No, everything you need to play and practice at home is included in your package.
How happy are your current online players with their experience?
Those who joined, have played and the feedback has been outstanding. Come join the fun and you be the judge.
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