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P3ProSwing Launch Angle Hardware Kit
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All of the hardware you need to take advantage of the P3ProSwing Swing Analyzer's Launch Angle capabilities.

The P3ProSwing Launch Angle Hardware kit includes the following hardware:
  • Metal Base - Used to hold the camera in the proper position and at the proper height
  • Microsoft LifeCam Studio - Commercial Edition - Used to track the ball and calculate the launch angle
  • Self-Standing Light - Provides the optimal lighting conditions to create the best ball "Streak"

The Launch angle system in the P3ProSwing software utilizes the ball's "streak" off of the tee to measure the angle of the launch. This enables the P3ProSwing software to provide exact launch angle statistics for the improvement of your swing!

This hardware kit is ideal to assure your camera is at the proper height and provides proper lighting to get fantastic results.

Can be used with any P3ProSwing Golf Simulator and Swing Analyzer packages.