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P3ProSwing is the most accurate Golf Swing Analyzer on the market.

And it's within your budget.

You can't improve your swing by tracking the ball.   It all starts with the golf club - that's just physics.

Start from the beginning and get real data to see real improvements.

You need a tool to improve your game in the off-months, when you just can't get outside to play.  A Golf Simulator set-up can be the perfect training aid to allow you to play in your own environment - and P3ProSwing lets you set up your Golf Swing Analyzer with as many or as few accessories as you would like.  Enjoy the benefits of creating your own Golf Simulation studio and knocking that handicap down.  With a P3ProSwing Golf Swing Analyzer setup, you have the ability to create the sort of environment where you can truly focus on improving your golf game to its greatest extent - then get back out on the greens and show your friends and family your skill.  Read more about types of Golf Simulators.

And with P3ProSwing's patented taping technology, you get club data that is 99.9% accurate.

P3ProSwing is the only Golf Simulator company to have a patented club taping system - it's the secret to incredibly accurate data that doesn't exist at this price point with any other Golf Simulator company.  By investing in a P3ProSwing Golf Simulator studio, you're investing in your future golf game.

Read more about P3ProSwing's patented club taping system.


Golf ball getting placed on tee

Golf Swing Analyzer

P3ProSwing's patented technology allows it to be the most accurate Golf Swing Analyzer on the market.  65 infrared optics, embedded in the durable grass top surface of the Golf Swing Analyzer, read information from every club swing no matter what club you use or what speed you swing at.  That's the beauty of the P3ProSwing Golf Simulator system - you don't have to be an expert golfer to use this Golf Swing Analyzer to improve every aspect of your game.  The infrared optics turn on when you swing and the detectors will pick up the reflection from the club or reflective tape as soon as it passes over them.  All of this data is computed and displayed in a user friendly console for you within within the P3 ProGolf software.   This is the data that you see on your impact screen, TV, or monitor. Read more about what makes the P3ProSwing so accurate.


Find your Ideal Golf Simulator

P3ProSwing has a Golf Simulator package for you, no matter what your planned use is.  Our customer base is comprised of home users, commercial customers, and schools who use our Golf Swing Analyzers with great satisfaction.   P3ProSwing's exclusive Golf Simulator and Golf Swing Analyzer packages are diverse and can be used in many different ways.   Find your perfect fit here.   Just like your favorite golf clubs, P3ProSwing will be a steady partner to improve your golf game or your business - just tell us what your goal is.  Contact us today to find out how we can fit you.

Golf Ball in rough

Why a P3ProSwing Golf Simulator

A Golf Simulator is an outstanding teaching tool, a way to relieve some stress after a long day at work, or a way to challenge your friends and family on your weekend.  You can even let the kids give it a whirl; these Golf Swing Analyzers are built to last with steel bases and incredibly strong resistance to being hit with a golf club repeatedly.  There are specially engineered layers built in to every P3ProSwing Golf Swing Analyzer which are intended to protect the circuit board from any sort of strike or vibration which could cause damage.  Browse P3ProSwing Golf Simulator Packages.

Key Features of the P3 Golf Simulator



Club Path

Track your Golf Swing Club Path before, at and after impact broken down from inside-out to square to outside-in within 1 degree

Club Face

Track your club face angle (before, at and after impact) to within 1/10th of 1 degree

Durability and Support

15 years experience in the simulated golf game and a newly designed simulator as well as a support staff to have you maximize your indoor golf experience for years to come

Feature Image
Club Speed

The Club head speed is measured at the entrance and exit of all swings with precise accuracy

Feature Image
Angle of Attack

The up or down movement of the club head at the time of maximum compression. Attack angle is measured relative to the horizon.

Feature Image
Dynamic Ball Flight Model

Intuitive Golf Swing Data Display with Over 140 Virtual Courses to Play from Tee to Green


Testimonials Fred 4 handicap, PA, champions package

I've used the P3 for 2 years and couldn't be happier. I have compared the data to trackman. Club head speed, face angle, and path all are spot on. I definitely recommend this system as a cost effective way to improve your game anytime of year. Great job P3!

Terry (6.4 handicap San Diego, CA)

My P3Pro simulator is with a doubt the best thing I've ever purchased...except for my wife's wedding ring! (in case she reads this!).

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Jukka (golfblogger - Finland)

I've played P3 thousands of hours alone and with dozens of friends since 2010. P3 is the best way to attract kids to golf and a great teaching and training environment for all ages. The age range in my P3 studio has been 2-75 years, among them my frequent companion - 8 grandchildren from 2 to 12 years old.

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